Feeding the homeless

So I was giving out salad and pouring dressing for them. I had a conversation with a few of them. We were talking about books and he loves to read and I’m like I dont read that much. Then most of the time was just asking saying thank you. God bless you. I just smiled and tried to be welcoming as I can. When we served dessert, everyone was lining up at the table… everyone got a plate of either pumpkin pie, or vanilla cake, or chocolate fudge cake. It was near the end and this lady grabbed the chocolate fudge cake but she saw the vanilla cake and she wanted that one, but there was a “only get one and the one you touch is the one you take.” She kept looking back and I told her to get take it and said its ok you can take both its fine! I love things like feeding the homeless or doing something with a cause. It always lightens up my day :].