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ain’t nobody mess with Minnie’s man.

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"I did not intend to get this drunk"

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I am so done with the amount of bullshit that i have to deal with on the daily basis. I’m so done with the limitations that is put upon me that prevents me to do anything. I’m also done with living up to expectations that is made for me to reach. I’m tired of people who only care for themselves. I’m tired of having my feelings and opinions ignored. I’m so tired of hearing apologies being repeated over and over again for the same fucking issue. I’m tired of people who don’t understand me or anything about me. The question i ask myself is why do I even bother. Why do i have to endure so much pain and anxiety? Like I honestly try to do my best. But why do I even bother when its never enough? I’m just done. I’m done. 

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ew. i want 12.

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